My Current Work In Progress


Don’t worry. That’s my attention getter, but seriously, I’m trying my hand out at this particular genre. I have written some sexy scenes before, even on a very short erotica. It’s called, “Strawberry Night,” however, I don’t wish to publish that story. Ever since high school, some of my readers have enjoyed my sex scenes. (If you know what I’m talking about, it’s the short story called, “Abusion, Love, Vengeance,” and I wrote it while at Shannon High.) They were mediocre back then, but they are slowly blossoming into intense to slow love-making scenes.

I’m actually glad I studied some classes at Full Sail University in the Master of Creative Writing Fine Arts degree. Despite me not finishing the program, I have still learned a great deal about writing scripts and telling better stories overall. My instructors have given me a lot of information that really helped me as a writer.

For the case of my newest work, “Moving on by Feeling Good,” I’m trying to creating interesting characters and focus on their actions, thoughts, and speech. The sex is to only entice the mental and biological abilities of our bodies, thus making my readers wanting more. Even though sex sells, I want readers to relate and understand my characters. For instance, what are my characters’ needs and wants? Do they achieve their goals?

If you have any comments on this blog, hit me up and let me know what are your thoughts. 😉


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