“Writer’s Block”

Every writer deals with writer’s block differently.

In my struggle, I try to listen to music, while I”m driving down the road. Eventually, a new scene or other breakthrough comes along and reawakens my creative powers. Sometimes, I read other books to get my mind off of my own project for a while. I like to enjoy other authors’ works for a while. In doing so, I find myself critiquing every sentence they write. I wonder why an author uses certain words, language, and grammar usage in my regular enjoyment of reading.

For now, I’ve taken a two week break from writing my newest work, “Moving on by Feeling Good,” since I had my daughter during that span. A lot of my focus was on her in my free time. Ah, the joys of parenthood. 🙂 I’m slowly getting back in the writing mode, but I want to dive into my story. I just don’t know how to partake in that ritual again. It’s like I have a loaded gun but don’t know how to shoot it or choose a target to aim at.

I thought about doing another Character Dossier, which is like an interview for your characters. I want to work on Malinda, the dead antagonist. Right now, she’s just a sex fiend, it looks like. However, I want to show more of why she’s in love with Bill, my protagonist. Clearly, her want is to have Bill under her control, and her need is to have his love. She needs it to keep herself alive. By the way, this is all in Bill’s head. That’s enough of the plot. I don’t want to divulge too much without the book being published later this summer. 😉


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