What Is Your Target Audience? A Journal Entry:

A target audience is a group of readers/viewers that share a common type of genre in any kind of media. I think readers would want to stick with certain types of genres, like fantasy and adventure. Harry Potter comes to mind when I think about both of those genres. I think J. K. Rowling’s target audience expects her to use magical words and strange creatures a lot in her writing to appease them.
I currently write in three main genres, which are horror, science fiction, and erotica. When I write horror, I write about death, monsters, ghosts, blood, and etc. When I write science fiction, I write about outer space, aliens, and etc. When I write erotica, I write mainly about sex, but I let my characters struggle with another issue while trying to make love or just have sex for pleasure.
I usually write for young adults or for people in their 30’s and older. I don’t necessarily write for people in a particular political party because that doesn’t interest me. Sometimes, I do write to attract some people in Christianity, but whoever is from another religion is more than welcome to read my work. For my erotica, mostly women get excited about reading my sex stories.
In order for me to meet my target audience’s expectations, I have been reading other books in those three genres to get extra writing homework. Lately, I have bought Zane’s new novel, Vengeance, on audiobook. I have paid close attention to her diction and the way she sets up her sex scenes. I also tried to understand the main character’s emotions and behavior when she chose to belittle people in her sadistic sex acts because she was raped in her younger years. I have bought a small book about science fiction prompts that challenge my writing skills in that genre, depending on which question I chose to write about for that day. All in all, studying like this helps me know what to look for to please “some” of my target audience.
In the aspect of voice and style, I have a tendency to use almost correct English all the time. However, I catch myself going back and making almost every sentence correct with a subject-verb agreement. I have noticed over the years that some authors use one or two-word sentences to help convey an idea or describe something. I have started doing that as well. I’m hoping my target audience will not bash me for it.
For style, I enjoy writing a lengthy sentence and using simile and metaphor a lot. I think my target audience will picture my characters and plot points better when I use these literary devices. For instance, I can say, “The sun is hot as hell.” I want my readers to think of the sun being extremely hot in the summertime.


My Current Work In Progress


Don’t worry. That’s my attention getter, but seriously, I’m trying my hand out at this particular genre. I have written some sexy scenes before, even on a very short erotica. It’s called, “Strawberry Night,” however, I don’t wish to publish that story. Ever since high school, some of my readers have enjoyed my sex scenes. (If you know what I’m talking about, it’s the short story called, “Abusion, Love, Vengeance,” and I wrote it while at Shannon High.) They were mediocre back then, but they are slowly blossoming into intense to slow love-making scenes.

I’m actually glad I studied some classes at Full Sail University in the Master of Creative Writing Fine Arts degree. Despite me not finishing the program, I have still learned a great deal about writing scripts and telling better stories overall. My instructors have given me a lot of information that really helped me as a writer.

For the case of my newest work, “Moving on by Feeling Good,” I’m trying to creating interesting characters and focus on their actions, thoughts, and speech. The sex is to only entice the mental and biological abilities of our bodies, thus making my readers wanting more. Even though sex sells, I want readers to relate and understand my characters. For instance, what are my characters’ needs and wants? Do they achieve their goals?

If you have any comments on this blog, hit me up and let me know what are your thoughts. 😉