What Is Your Target Audience? A Journal Entry:

A target audience is a group of readers/viewers that share a common type of genre in any kind of media. I think readers would want to stick with certain types of genres, like fantasy and adventure. Harry Potter comes to mind when I think about both of those genres. I think J. K. Rowling’s target audience expects her to use magical words and strange creatures a lot in her writing to appease them.
I currently write in three main genres, which are horror, science fiction, and erotica. When I write horror, I write about death, monsters, ghosts, blood, and etc. When I write science fiction, I write about outer space, aliens, and etc. When I write erotica, I write mainly about sex, but I let my characters struggle with another issue while trying to make love or just have sex for pleasure.
I usually write for young adults or for people in their 30’s and older. I don’t necessarily write for people in a particular political party because that doesn’t interest me. Sometimes, I do write to attract some people in Christianity, but whoever is from another religion is more than welcome to read my work. For my erotica, mostly women get excited about reading my sex stories.
In order for me to meet my target audience’s expectations, I have been reading other books in those three genres to get extra writing homework. Lately, I have bought Zane’s new novel, Vengeance, on audiobook. I have paid close attention to her diction and the way she sets up her sex scenes. I also tried to understand the main character’s emotions and behavior when she chose to belittle people in her sadistic sex acts because she was raped in her younger years. I have bought a small book about science fiction prompts that challenge my writing skills in that genre, depending on which question I chose to write about for that day. All in all, studying like this helps me know what to look for to please “some” of my target audience.
In the aspect of voice and style, I have a tendency to use almost correct English all the time. However, I catch myself going back and making almost every sentence correct with a subject-verb agreement. I have noticed over the years that some authors use one or two-word sentences to help convey an idea or describe something. I have started doing that as well. I’m hoping my target audience will not bash me for it.
For style, I enjoy writing a lengthy sentence and using simile and metaphor a lot. I think my target audience will picture my characters and plot points better when I use these literary devices. For instance, I can say, “The sun is hot as hell.” I want my readers to think of the sun being extremely hot in the summertime.


Education: To Be Proud or Boastful?

Hello, everybody.

I took a break from writing to spend some time with my family this summer. I’m tying to get back in the writing mode. During my time off, I’ve encountered an issue that I thought really hard about. When you’re in conversation with someone and discuss educational topics, do you feel proud about being educated or feel like you’re boasting about it? In my case, I’m very proud to have completed two degree programs. I have an Associate of Arts in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in English.

I’m glad to say that it’s been a life changer ever since I finally completed my bachelor program. I’ve learned to use my degree in more ways than just writing papers. I’ve learned how to analyze people by paying closer attention to the way they say things, the content, and their body language. I was surprised at how studying different literary theories actually help in real life. People are different, just like several works of literature that require certain ways of analyzing. My favorite literary theory is “Reader Response Theory”, a theory that allows readers to understand a particular text in different ways based off of personal experience and so forth.

This works the same way with individuals in communication other than in writing. You would have to pay further attention to how people are in general. It’s just like watching a movie. You’re only able to use what you can see and hear in real life when dealing with others. In doing so, we process what we hear and see while conversing into something we are better able to understand that’s comparable to our personal experiences, prejudices, biases, etc.

Going back to the original question, I can understand how a person would think the other is boasting about having a degree. The person (William, as an example) listening to the one who obtained it (John) can be intimidated or feel not up to par. John may not mean any harm by it at all. He could be proud about his  accomplishment and want to tell others about the difficult journey to get that wonderfully dressed certificate or diploma wrapped in leather.

The point of view for John resembles a great climax as if he fought a giant or several giants, depending on if you count all the classes in the curriculum. William could feel out of place in the company of John and may think he’s inadequate and not good enough.

William could determine that John is boastful and arrogant. John may not think so at all but would want William to finish his own life journey of education as to aid in support in the form of a testimony.

I think, after discussing this issue, that people react to what is said differently based on how they participated in the past with others, educational exposure, and family issues that have either positively or negatively affected them. So, this can be a very difficult subject to talk civil about if one accuses the other of arrogance and that person isn’t in the other’s shoes. Historical and biographical information should be operating in everyone’s minds in not only this case but all.

“Writer’s Block”

Every writer deals with writer’s block differently.

In my struggle, I try to listen to music, while I”m driving down the road. Eventually, a new scene or other breakthrough comes along and reawakens my creative powers. Sometimes, I read other books to get my mind off of my own project for a while. I like to enjoy other authors’ works for a while. In doing so, I find myself critiquing every sentence they write. I wonder why an author uses certain words, language, and grammar usage in my regular enjoyment of reading.

For now, I’ve taken a two week break from writing my newest work, “Moving on by Feeling Good,” since I had my daughter during that span. A lot of my focus was on her in my free time. Ah, the joys of parenthood. 🙂 I’m slowly getting back in the writing mode, but I want to dive into my story. I just don’t know how to partake in that ritual again. It’s like I have a loaded gun but don’t know how to shoot it or choose a target to aim at.

I thought about doing another Character Dossier, which is like an interview for your characters. I want to work on Malinda, the dead antagonist. Right now, she’s just a sex fiend, it looks like. However, I want to show more of why she’s in love with Bill, my protagonist. Clearly, her want is to have Bill under her control, and her need is to have his love. She needs it to keep herself alive. By the way, this is all in Bill’s head. That’s enough of the plot. I don’t want to divulge too much without the book being published later this summer. 😉

“Strawberry Night” by Vanterrius Westbrook

Hey, guys.

This is an earlier work I wrote last year from my iPhone. This is an erotica; however, I do realize it’s based strictly off of plot and not character driven. Yes, it has no character arc or development. I wrote this during my lunch breaks at work, so I was like, “I don’t care. I’m going to see how this works.” If you have comments, let me know down below. I like constructive criticism so that I’ll know what to work on in my other writings. I’m not looking for character development comments, since this was intentionally written without seeing my characters grow. If you want to, you can go ahead and do so. 🙂


by Vanterrius Westbrook

My woman and I have had a lovely meal tonight. It was a delicious decadence of soul food being most full of joy. We both deserved it because of our busy schedules at work. I got off at seven while my bride to be returned home at five. She bathed before she initially started her venture until I got home to help.  When we finished eating, I took the liberty of putting away the dirty dishes. I heard a sound from behind me, and I saw her sitting on top of the table licking her fingers as if she was still just beginning to taste a morsel of what was to come.

I smiled as she invited me into her love and bosom. I kissed her tenderly on her lips -my lips guiding hers in our dance of magic. I placed my hands around her waist and she pulled her body closer to mine hugging my shoulders as she opens her legs, her pussy being hungry for my dick. As I pressed between her legs I felt her warm cunt burning hotter and her body trying to douse out her hot pussy with its juices. She began to have more control of the kissing. We wrestled with our lips for dominance. Who had the greatest passion in our foreplay was a mystery, but she didn’t care as long as she had me, my heart, and my sex. Our bodies spoke without words, and we knew what we wanted from each other and how we wanted it.
She took off her shirt and then allowed to remove her bra. She hugged me tightly, her body swearing fealty to mine. We could not wait to be married without regrets of our actions. Though, it feels good and right to do it with someone deserving of each others’ love. I struggled a bit with the hooks on the bra. She murdered my neck, sucking and kissing on it as the goosebumps traveled up my back. I unhooked the bra, and gazed upon my fiancé’s bosom thinking of what The Lord had said that they will satisfy me always. My tongue became more expeditious wanting to explore the mysteries of my woman’s body.  Her yellow skin looked appetizing, and I wanted to know what else she tasted like.

In our fooling around, my tongued danced upon her nipples like a Mexican dancing around a sombrero. She became more excited leaning backwards to stretch her back. She tried to let her pelvis meet my thrusts. She wanted my dick to against her clitoris. I stopped momentarily to strip off my own clothes while she lay upon the table to remove her panties. I smelled them before I let her drop them to the floor. I was like a bear in mating season, hence my pet name – Big Bear. It was strong sex smell that made me want to claim my woman forever with my love and scent, so no other man will touch her. I took off my own underwear to reveal my wife to be’s present – a thick, black love snake waiting to make its home inside a warm, moist hole. She had looked up wanting to see what her man had been hiding for her since their last play date. She got up and pushed me into a cold chair. The coldness on my butt surprised me so that I almost went limp due to a distraction. She said, “No, you don’t Mr.” You’re not going anywhere,”
She spread my legs and clasped her wet lips onto my dick. I reared my head back in enjoyment. She eased her head slowly up and down my shaft and while reaching the top, she twirled her tongue around my dick’s head. I played with her hair as she enjoyed tasting her man, my precum gushing out in spurts. She massaged my shaft and balls with both hands while sucking me for a while. I told her, “Baby, I don’t want to cum just yet,” So, she stopped before I could release. I felt more pre-cum come out of my dick as it pulsated trying to hold back a premature nut. I asked her to get back on the table while I surprised her, and she did.

I went to the fridge to fetch some strawberries and whip cream. I dipped one into the cream and let her eat it while lying down on the table. I re-dipped it and let her concentrate on that. I dipped another one and spread her legs apart. She made a humming noise as if she thought about something. I placed the whip cream covered fruit upon her tastey fruit. I spun the strawberry around her clit in which this brought her much pleasure. We’ve never tried this before. It was a new addition to our love making. She thrust her pelvis towards the air as I saw more of her pussy juices coming out of her. I saw some it drizzle onto the table, so in order to prevent it from going to waste I licked her pussy. She grabbed my head, and I had to put away the strawberry. I licked around and inside of her pussy. It tasted so good! She moaned and moaned for more. I began to concentrate on her clit. She arched her back and pushed my head deeper into her pelvis. I felt around her thighs and her booty. Caressing all I could touch. She moaned some more when I placed two fingers around the opening of her pussy as I sucked on her clit and twirled my tongue around it. She couldn’t hold it any more and let out a great yell that echoed through the house. She lay sprawled on the table tired from my tongue but wanted something else this time. I nudged her towards the edge of the table more and spread her open. I rubbed my dick around her clit and pussy, mixing my pre-cum with her cum until it was completely covered. I slid it inside. Pleasure went through both our bodies. Waves upon waves of sexual healing went through us. Our thrusts meeting each other’s on that table, while more pussy juice came out of her. She longed for my dick and its pounding forcing drilling deeper and deeper into her pussy finally finding her match from heaven. A great man that can love and treat her right.

I was about to climax when I hung her ass from the edge of the table, placing her smooth legs on my shoulders. Her body skated across the table when my whole dick buried itself in her. Thrust upon thrust echoed from the dinner table. My dick went in and out of her pussy. My balls struck her pussy walls like drums at an African dance ritual. I had my strong hands grabbing and massaging her butt cheeks, while her hands were on my shoulders as she sucked me neck. Both of our moans could be almost heard from outside. People passing our apartment window could listen in if they wanted to. Big flops of wet sex noises grew louder when we both came at the same time. I clenched her but more as each spurt of cum came into her luscious pussy that was mine forever. I felt her pussy grab hold to my dick as she came sucking all of my cum inside of her. It was her body saying, “I want to have his baby!” When we were done, I picked her up off the table and went hand in hand naked walking to our bedroom to take a lovely, enjoyable shower together. I kissed her every step of the way never letting go of her waste and hand.

The End

My Current Work In Progress


Don’t worry. That’s my attention getter, but seriously, I’m trying my hand out at this particular genre. I have written some sexy scenes before, even on a very short erotica. It’s called, “Strawberry Night,” however, I don’t wish to publish that story. Ever since high school, some of my readers have enjoyed my sex scenes. (If you know what I’m talking about, it’s the short story called, “Abusion, Love, Vengeance,” and I wrote it while at Shannon High.) They were mediocre back then, but they are slowly blossoming into intense to slow love-making scenes.

I’m actually glad I studied some classes at Full Sail University in the Master of Creative Writing Fine Arts degree. Despite me not finishing the program, I have still learned a great deal about writing scripts and telling better stories overall. My instructors have given me a lot of information that really helped me as a writer.

For the case of my newest work, “Moving on by Feeling Good,” I’m trying to creating interesting characters and focus on their actions, thoughts, and speech. The sex is to only entice the mental and biological abilities of our bodies, thus making my readers wanting more. Even though sex sells, I want readers to relate and understand my characters. For instance, what are my characters’ needs and wants? Do they achieve their goals?

If you have any comments on this blog, hit me up and let me know what are your thoughts. 😉

To my readers and fellow writers,

I’m Vanterrius Westbrook – a published author of the work “Preserved Love” and Certified Pharmacy Technician. I’m very proud to have started this blog, even though it’s free. I would like to discuss some issues about writing, in general, and some pharmacy topics that I find interesting. I may decide to let this blog be specifically about writing in the future. 🙂